About me

I will not ”bother” my visitors by writing much about myself, because this blog is not about me and my personal life, but about products that I want to promote. I worked as registered nurse, at different hospitals, so medicine and health are my niche.

I know that many people struggle with overweight, and in some periods of my life (as teenager, 15-16 years old!!) I had such problems, too, so I KNOW how frustrating it can be! I was so eager to become slender again, that I went from 90 kg to only 48 kg, within about 2 years, which means 42 kg!!! And almost had ”anorexia”, with some negative results, like chronic gastritis, etc.

Many people gain weight only because they eat antidepressiv pills, or other medications, or after pregnancy, after excessive training…etc.

So…long story short…I will promote some products, items or whatever that I find interesting and valuable.

Foto av Pixabay pu00e5 Pexels.com
Foto av Pixabay pu00e5 Pexels.com